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Crescendo Music Publications

Publishers of out of print, and hard to find sheet music

Crescendo Music Publications had its beginnings in 1999, and was started in order to provide a source for long out-of-print or hard to find choral, organ and piano works. Given the state that most of these scores are in when we decide whether or not to republish them, we have found it better to retypeset them, in the process correcting any errors that exist.

A relative newcomer to the world of music publishing, our aim is to build up a catalogue of works that are worthy of reprinting. A large part of our catalogue is taken up with the complete piano works of Charles-Marie Widor. We hope to eventually publish all his works apart from the organ symphonies in modern, authoritative editions. These editions include a full list of sources, editorial remarks and corrections.

Daniel Mitterdorfer
Crescendo Music Publications

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